Book Launch Calendar, Part 2

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by Laurie McAndish King

I’ve been doing some research, and it turns out that my Book Launch Calendar, part 1 post was pretty right-on. I’ve decided to launch my book next spring (after I complete a November–April contract that will keep me busy with paying work). Because I’m a member of Left Coast Writers, they’ll throw me a launch party; it’s scheduled for May 10th, 2014. (I love Left Coast Writers, and their launch parties!).

Here’s my updated launch calendar:

More than three months out (now):

  • Develop my platform (ongoing project).
  • Finalize copy. (Done; Advance Readers Copies are in production.)
  • Request blurbs and reviews (my next step).
  • Create press kit (needed for pitches).
  • Pitch any magazines I’d like to have review my book. Send advance copies along with any blurbs I can get quickly.
  • Research awards organizations, especially their submission guidelines and timing.
  • Schedule readings and other author appearances (this might require a lot of lead time; start now). I am also doing author readings for an anthology, Wandering in Paris, Luminaries and Love in the City of Light, which has the same audience, so maybe I can piggyback the readings with a request for a reading from my book next spring at the same venue.

Three months pre-launch (starting in early February):

  • Plan press campaign.
  • Finalize cover design (including blurbs).
  • Set up sales channels (local bookstores, Ingram, Indie Books, Amazon, Kindle, others).
  • Plan launch events.
  • Create buzz.

Launch (May 1oth) and the next month or so:

  • Author events, buzz.

I’ll probably need to revise this several times before the launch. (OK; I know I will need to revise this several times. I know there are mysterious promotional processes like blog-tour-ebook-giveaways that I haven’t even started to think about.) But at least I’ve got the basics covered.

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