Services Offered

Most authors like writing a lot more than they like doing the behind-the-scenes work required to transform a manuscript into a beautiful book. How much does this magical transformation cost? It depends on the length and complexity of your book.

Call Jim (415-209-6323) to discuss your project and receive a free customized estimate.

For print books:

  • Interior design is based on length of the manuscript and complexity (footnotes, indexing, photos, illustrations). Price begins at $900 for a short children’s book. The average price for a 50,000-word novel or memoir is around $1500.
  • Cover design begins at $600. Includes front, spine, and back cover; three concepts provided. (Photography and/or illustration are not included.)

For eBooks: Please call or email to discuss various methods and possibilities.

The Book Alchemist works with a team of professionals who will help with as much of this as you need:

Manuscript Preparation:

  • Editing
  • Proofreading

Design, Layout, and File Prep:

  • Cover design
  • Interior design
  • Photo scans and retouching
  • Providing your book’s ISBN and barcode
  • Preparation of print-ready files—ready for you to hand off to your printer, or upload for print-on-demand

Printing and Distribution:

  • Working with traditional, short-run printers for quantities of 250 or more.
  • Assistance in setting up accounts and uploading files so you can sell your book online through Ingram, Kindle Direct Publishing/Amazon, Lulu, or other print-on-demand providers.

Collateral Materials

  • We design and produce posters, postcards, flyers, bookmarks, business cards, and other materials to help promote your book.

Collateral elements